PPIC | Glove Manufacturing Industry

Production planning software for glove manufacturing industry. This is a full fledged extensive application to manage the glove production on multiple machines; The POs are grouped to similar product and create production plan w.r.t to machine and the delivery date of the customer. We have used machine learning to achieve the proper allocation and arrangement of various resources..

Features of the PPIC|Edge application:

Voice assistant integration

Now you can interact with our production planning software using voice commands; this is particularly useful where higher management wants the information by not sitting and typing for the information on the application instead use simple natural language keywords. Our production planning software is integrated with NLP (NATURAL LANGUAGE PROCESSING) so by using natural language keywords one can obtain the needed information without waiting. The demo voice conversation with the software is given below.

Machine Masters management: Here you can create & manage all the machine and resources like which machine activate/deactivate, speed, plant position, efficiency, utilisation etc.

Production speed Management: The production speed for several products can be set and managed here, Product/SKU creation module is integrated.

Holiday Management: We can manage the holiday which in turns takes production planning automatically in account while planning a new production.

Engineering Planned: Here you can manage the servicing / interruption planned for machine which in turns auto magically takes in consideration when you plan.

Inventory Management: The inventory management is inbuilt in the application; it helps you manage size and productise inventory and makes it available while planning in new production so that you can leverage on production time and release extra inventory.

and much more…

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