Android Application development

Low cost Android Application DevelopmentGet your dream apps designed for the world’s most widely used smartphone platform. Android is a leading OS for mobile devices and it is now confidently making its way into the tablet market.

We at SoftEdge Technology pride ourselves on being at the cutting edge of mobile development, able to make your vision a reality, whether it’s on iOS, Android or Windows Phone, on smartphones or tablets. This platform represents diversity manifested in the number of OEMs that support Android and the number of platform updates within such a short period.

We have teams of expert coders who are all participants in the App Development Process, and who will expertly code your project so that it matches perfectly to your expectation. Using our experience in business, marketing, technology and programming we suggest ways to make your app perform better for your users and for your company. Your Android app should fulfill the needs of your user base, and run on multiple versions of the platform.

Enterprise mobility is already the new reality for business. SoftEdge Technology is an ideal match to drive your Android business plans and get the greatest Android effect in a corporate environment!

SoftEdge Technology develops native android applications, tailored for a particular platform (iOS, Android, BlackBerry or Windows 7 ) to give you unparalleled performance and speed, complemented by smooth communication of your tablet solution with native hardware capabilities. We understands the specific nature of touch devices (their multi-touch characteristics, presentation and layout environment, UX designs and usage scenarios), and has the right skills to offer you the best-of-breed mobile solution.

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